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Thoughts and Muses


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True Friendship defined:

True Friendship is one developed on the soil of mutual respect, admiration, appreciation, loyalty and courtesy ... it will bring about Trust and the mutual desire to share the Best in Each Other.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Courtship is true friendship which develops over time. It includes continuity, exclusivity and longevity. It is the basis for a solid foundation.

Donna Coquilla

Goddess' Spell

I am the Goddess' Beloved. My lungs take in her breath. My veins run with her red. Blessed are the feet that have walked my path of trials and pleasure. My hands are her hands. I need bow down before no one. My body is her body glistening with the sweat of stars. My tears and creations are her gifts. I bestow these as I will and for one man only. Goddess, fill me with light that exposes evil. Fill me with the light that evil flees from. Fill me with the light that illuminates me from hiding so that I may come from hiding and bathe in the joy of the light.


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