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Donna Coquilla TV
It Is Written .... Writings by Donna


It Is Written .... Writings by Donna | Donna's New Dance CD | Donna paints 8 foot paintings

my dad said

I looked too skinny

I am hyper

flying down the staircase

my jewelry

falls off

my thin wrists 

don't get in my way

I ate some mango

two pieces of cantelope

and I'm full

going to see

my friend

race his dragster

as a producer

I go




I now have

the gift

of the gab

and I can talk

with the best

of them

were always


but we talk

about business

and politics

the oversaturation

of product

creating a net negative

why costs have been cut

it's not as archival

it is an artform

but how can you make

a library

of reality TV?




it's working

every time I

go outside

it's raining



all I have

to do

is close

three doors

I created this

all by myself

the best team

highly regarded

slick package

no risk

so now

it rains

not just every week

but everyday

I go outside

sort of amazing

and it was

always here

just never




isn't that amazing

my big brothers

are masters

of the universe

super powers


all over

the world

Beverly Hills


Las Vegas




Los Angeles



San Francisco







the most powerful lawyer

in the entertainment industry

in intellectual property

big wheel in banking

race car drivers

cancer research docs

big wheel in investment banking

developer of more than

6,000 homes

big wheel in office buildings

developer of shopping malls

and business parks

ceo's of technology

and various computer companies

producers, writers

directors to the stars


the list goes

on and on

and on


super masculine

and even muscular



and doting

of me


emotionally supportive

intellectually stimulating



and generous

I'm getting spoiled

over here

and I love it

never a boring


no nagging

no negativity


only laughter


happy times

happy smiles


funny stories

they tell me

and I tell them

so powerful

so well known

like celebrities

in their industry

from the ground up



in various publications



and formidable

sought after





of me

they would follow

to the ends of the earth



maybe a little


but in a good way


and my

female friends

smart, funny

beautiful and


more daring

than me

but that's ok


my big brothers

and sisters

they cherish me

because I'm like

a feminine







a lady

of leisure

who deserve

to be cherished

as I will always

cherish them





I'm not Buddhist


what happened?


let's try




and all day

clear blue sky

peeking out from beneath

the velvet curtain

I lie in meditation

my comfy silk pillow

still hyper with excitement

so I fall back

right above a sleep state

at 8am

messages that come to me

like dreams

how the collateral will look

the branding

the pitch

the distribution

film style

how to make it credible

how to systemize it

package it

a seamless

effortless operation

this is only one market

then auto renewal

unbeatable team

built on trust

and loyalty

showing gratitude

to the Master of the Universe

who brought me here



my mom

my best friend

she loves jewelry

and deserves it

I give these as gifts

very smart woman

charismatic, regal

endlessly doting

and she has lot of free advice

sometimes too much

but we always have fun

my silly jokes

she loves

and I miss her



I am a saint

a kind and feminine one

also extremely busy

these days




so busy



it will just get





stay focused

he said

it's true

someone wants me

to be in a movie

on their record

produce a TV show

so many things

when will I paint

my 50 canvasses?




carrot juice




sometimes steak

little bit of carbs

no wine


coca cola

no sugar

even my fingers

are shrinking

dad says

I look too skinny




he wants me to paint

he says I have talent

he is an expert

and they all said so too

feels good

he always praises me

I like this lifestyle

rising at 8 or 9

late breakfast

the entire day

I can work out

instead, I create

and set forth

the new message

for the world

all this time

and I still haven't

finished these projects


 secure property

with tall black gates

only known cars

can enter

my huge mansion

marble starburst

30-foot ceilings

pool, waterfall and jacuzzi

no tiny rooms here

no formica

no dead ends

just arches



and granite

exotic woods

fireplaces and balconies


huge kitchen

a pantry

as big as

a bedroom

my two painting studios

my TV studio

my editing bay

my office

my master suite

multiple living rooms

multiple garages

multiple suites

double spiral staircases

plans for my steam bath

20-foot closets

Im the only one here

left empty for more

than a year

why leave it empty?






I love my religions






what's next?

converted Shiksa






like a laser
my new goal
20 G's a week
is that all right with you?
I did 30 last qtr
Thanks to my sponsor
in rhythm
life energy
we are all connected
we are cleansing
healing our karma
I call it
in my honor
I touch it
an untapped force
unleashing something so powerful
I am guided
but it comes from within
I am my own God
I am Buddha

it's been a tough road
now we need to correct this
clean up this karma
we need to be honest
allow peace and forgiveness
know that there is no harm intended
we need to clean up this karma
else this will last forever


I send you
a bright pink ball
radiating energy
from my heart
to my guides
to your guides
to your heart
I see you kicking boxes
blown over by anger and rage
allow truth
release and forgive
I forgive you
but need to be healed
believe the truth
I send you
loving healing energy
so you
can circle it back
to me
so mote it be

The Gift

it's the light
see it
shining through
from the other side
becoming rich and supple
a gradation
glowing and alive
an ethereal answer
to the question
stare at it for hours
receive your oracle
everything happens for a reason
to arrive at this perfect moment
everyday revealing another layer
waiting to be unveiled
a new perspective
a wave of emotion
you are at peace
it appears
as an organic manifestation
my creation
a symbolic representation
of a technologically, politically
sexually driven materialistic society
view it again
find beauty
in minimalism
being a conduit
for creation
or a message
from spirit
a vehicle or bridge
to the other side
and so
they have given
a gift


I can feel it
all even and tanned
I walk past and flash a mirror
deadly curves
long silky wisp of brown curl
I am a sculptor
my neck
high cheekbones
my stomach
visualize a sixpack
well no
just a flat washboard stomach
toned calves, thighs
arms with definition
not bulky
soft shoulders, petite
still the feminine femme
in mini and slit skirts
who loves to be at home
to take care of her man

The Oracle

I get lost in it
I step inside the color
surrounding me
like a warm blanket
I forget everything
what time it is
my name
what the temperature is
outside my of body
the movement just comes
I'm connected
to some fantastic power out there
that doesn't want to stop
it keeps calling me
to go on forever
and when I move the brush
it is like moving an extension of my soul
it's part of me
it begins to speak a language
not easily articulated with words
it becomes a moment of truth
an explanation for the past
and the floor plan for the future
it's a sacred process
intimate and intense
and when I'm done
it becomes
the oracle

Sacred Shrine

I am laughing
lying here in my silk sheets
staring at the 30 foot ceiling
what should I paint today
this is my daily ritual
walk across the marble starburst
which joins the east and west wing
I've filled the whole entrance with candles
let it be a sacred shrine
it is so beautiful
especially at night
I play the music
it appears like a jet about to land
I've come here to be peaceful
the waterfall flows
into the pool
reschedule the photoshoot
and the trainer
it's Wednesday
lunch at the country club
takes a whole day
this is so fun
no one to answer to
no one is here but me
no other schedule but my own
L A with my producers
or my beautiful city by the bay
maybe the condos in Cabo
or the villa in Cancun
your Chateau in Switzerland
or Miami or Utah
Coquilla Island too
I'll go with you
if you want me to
just ask me

Got it

He is well connected
on every level
the politicians
are his best friends
if you want something
or need something done
I think
all he does
is make a phone call
so be careful
with what you ask for
you might just get it


That is so sexy
I love your lear jet
and helicopter
wealth is so relative
it is such a status symbol
for other people
what they don't know
is status means nothing
unless you're having fun
status is an earthly limitation
it's all about how you feel
that's where the real maturity comes in
but what is so nice
is that you are a true leader
every time we talk
you motivate and push me
and with all your accomplishments
you have remained


If you are to be
my friend
and if you become
my true friend
masculine male
chivalrous and protective of me
cherishing of only me
and I
nurturing and loyal
feminine femme
worshiping only you
we will take a journey
first upon the spiritual plane
before the physical

Our trust will be built
in every instance
and every situation
on the soil of admiration
appreciation, courtesy and confidence

I know you won't let me down
you cherish me
you back me up
I support you
I give to you
create for you
I am loyal only to you

I would give you the shirt off my back if you needed it
risk my life to rescue you if you were in danger
believe me because what I say to you now is true
I would move the heavens and the earth
command my army to save you
I will stand by your side
through thick and thin
no matter what

I would never hold you down
because I trust your judgment
you don't need others to show you the way
you are confident within
knowing your silent power
and you would move the heavens and the earth
to protect me

And every artifact
every musical score
every print and painting
every story and word
that I breathe the breath of life into
I breathe in from the universe
and exhale my passion,
my tears, my sorrows
my births and deaths
my years
of which you become a part of
which becomes immortalized
after I leave this earthly plane
this material world

With every turn and movement
every layer of change our souls encounter
you are with me
as I will continue to be by your side
we will grow and expand
I will be there for you
every step of the way

Our blood will together run deep
and intertwined
like the branches of veins
our lives will mesh together
to become one
rock solid

as the sun kisses the flowers
and the wind moves the rain
fire melts our bones together
as solid as the earth before us
hold my hand as we travel
through the tree of life
watch what becomes
and what unfolds
our gift becomes greater
when we give
and grow together

I will be yours forever
I know we are both in high demand
neither lear jet nor helicopter
can take me away

You will be mine
until the last breath of life
leaves your lips and mine
forever after
in the spirit world
you will still be mine

It Is Written
So Mote It Be

Loving Energy

all I have
is pure love
pure love for you
pure love for me
pure love for my brother
and for my sister
for my mother my father
my neighbor
my friend and foe
because with all your beauty, intelligence,
foibles and imperfections
I still love you
as you are a child of God
I still have compassion for you
as you are a child of God
we all need to learn lessons
as I continue to
maybe you may need to learn one too
and nothing is done with harmful intention
it's not part of the universal law
it's not good for karma
so don't hate me
and don't be jealous
because all that I am now
is Pure Loving Energy
and Pure Love
don't get me wrong
we all have our limitations
I can still give you a gracious "no"
but not with energy
or force
just "no"
so don't hate me
and don't be jealous
because all that I am now
is Pure Loving Energy
pure compassion
as you are a child of God
and you are
pure Love too



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