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Test Page for Streaming Videos

Wow, you've entered a secret page on my secret website.  No one knows it's here but you ... and a few other noteable people in our universe.
Ok, this is where I get to have fun.  The following infomercial is a test only.  A friend stopped by the other day and I asked him to sit for my ficticious "infomercial".  He didn't know he was up for a debut.  What a good sport.  Now I'm off to attack some of my neighbors for fake testimonials.  These clips are used only for the purposes of showing my clients various styles.  I am thinking about offering this style as a selection package for my clients .... tell me what you think ... you decide.  Send me an email at

Click here to play video ... should take 2 min with 3 megs download hi-speed transfer

Click here to watch streaming infomercial (funny)