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Donna Coquilla TV
Donna's New Dance CD


It Is Written .... Writings by Donna | Donna's New Dance CD | Donna paints 8 foot paintings

Photo by Jason Lam 12/01.


Donna is working on a series of dance cds. Listen to "Human Monsters".

Click here to listen to "Human Monsters", "Goddess' Spell" and Wonderful Dream".

Listen to "Human Monsters", "Goddess' Spell" and "Wonderful Dream" at"

"Human Monsters" is about true love. "Goddess' Spell" is a real love spell. Donna is studying Buddism and the Kabbalah. She hopes that her music will be a healing force in the universe. Thank you Adonai for the blessings from Hesed.


Yod He Vav He

These are sacred and blessed words ... say them with a special intention and your wish will come true if it is in God's will.

Donna also loves jazz. She was trained by jazz legend Kitty Margolis. Donna loves to bring the house down at Pearl's Jazz Club in San Francisco on Tuesdays through Thursdays.