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Donna Coquilla TV
Donna's Bio


It Is Written .... Writings by Donna | Donna's New Dance CD | Donna paints 8 foot paintings

Jason Lam Photography 12/01

Donna began her training at the age of 5 in voice and piano, tap, ballet and jazz dance then moved into modeling at the age of 12.

She began singing in clubs in her teens with her uncle's band and later trained under jazz legend Kitty Margolis, as a jazz vocalist. Kitty has been known to say Donna is her "best student". Currently, she likes to sing at Pearls Jazz Club. Pearls is known for being San Franciscos top jazz club with previous guests like Miles Davis, Carmen McCrae, Dizzy Gillispie and other great jazz players.

Donna writes her own music and lyrics with her producers. She sings with much emotion and often the words are stories about her personal experiences.

Producers love the versatility of her voice. When I want to sound soft like an angel, or sophisticated like a sultry New York jazz diva, or up front like a pop star I can do it because all of these styles are part of me. Several producers have commented on her ability to reach 4 octives.

WRGP in Miami is now playing Wonderful Dream throughout the nation at midnight. All of her songs will be available on soon.

Listen to "Wonderful Dream", "Sacred and Powerful" and "Adonai" at

It is an example of new love that will be forever solid. This song was written by Ted Leonard and Donna Coquilla.

Here is a brief description of some of the other songs on the cd:

"Shema 10,000" has the most sacred and powerful words in existence over and over again.

"Adonai" is a love spell. Her producers say, "It sounds like angels". Donna hopes that her music will be a healing force in the universe.

"You, Me, Heart, Soul" is a raw, unmastered haunting song. It is the story of a chivalrous prince and nuturing princess who were deeply in love.

In addition to music and art, Donna supports, an organization based on the Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticsm). She also supports many organizations involved in educating men and women about Domestic Violence.

Donna has a business degree from St. Mary's and had studied at the Culinary Academy. Her favorite and easiest recipes are lowfat Cornish Game Hens or Duck a L'Orange. However, her trainer is helping her to become a triathlete, so she might as well be a vegetarian.