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Donna Coquilla TV
Donna paints 8 foot paintings


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Donna paints 8 foot by 8 foot paintings. They have been compared to have the intensity of Mark Rothko. "I am a fan of Donna's work!", says friend Brett Maly, director of internationally renown gallery Art Encounter in Las Vegas.

Donna tells this true story out of compassion. She created more than twelve unsigned paintings in 2000-2001. During this time she also started a real estate company and lived with a man who later received two violent criminal convictions. Donna supports many organizations that educate men and women and help in the fight against Domestic Violence. Mental illness and violence touches all economic classes. Never be afraid to ask questions and educate yourself. Knowledge may save your life.

"God heal us" 8'x8' D.Coquilla 2001

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